Friday, April 26, 2024

Admit it. You are dope! πŸ”₯

Of course I started this post yesterday! Well actually the day before, but hey at least I started and now I am back! 

The last couple of days have been busy, but not in the best ways. I have been testing all week on my job and yesterday I had to go to the doctor for an allergic reaction I am having on my face. Isn't that just lovely since I have the speaking engagement on Sunday! πŸ˜’

Last night I spent some time speaking and listening to the Women of Empowerment that are DREAM Consulting! Dr. Royond Hendrix has been one of my girlfriends for quite some time now. I am very proud of this chic! We have seen a few ups and downs and at the end we have SEEN THEM THROUGH and will continue to see them through. DrRo, as we call her has had this vision for at least 10 years, and last year she was able to bring it to fruition. I was not able to participate physically last year because of a prior engagement, but guess what? This year I will be in the building as a panelist during the Multicultural Circle.  The circle will consist of several other chosen panelist and a few conference participants. I am STOKED! I have done a few forums on my own, but not so much as a participant... more on the organizational side. I have a couple of podcasts that I have started, but have not been consistent about. Yes, suffering from the Imposter Syndrome at it's finest. Ironically,  there will be a session on that very subject. I CAN NOT wait! 

Well it is 7am now, and I really need to get going so that I am not late for this job that I am completely over! However, I need to continue to make it happen. Until later... I promise I will publish this note this afternoon - evening.  

That was yesterday, April 25, 2024...  The day got real crazy around 10am. 😞 My grandmother called me to inform me that she was headed to my aunt's house because she and her caregiver were fighting! Well if you know my aunt, then you know this is not surprising. More than a few people, family and friends, have had run-ins with her over the years. So much to the point, that not many people will actually deal with her. 

At any rate, I asked my grandmother did she need me to come. Of course she said no, but did she really mean "no"? Hell no! She's 95 years old and she has been dealing with this πŸ’© for 65 years. SHE. IS. TIRED!. But, most importantly, my grandmother does not deserve this! At this point in her life, she deserves peace and happiness. After all, she has raised her children, then her grandchildren, and she was most helpful with her great-grandchildren! 

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